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Handstand 2

polyjohn-handstand-2Handstand 2 Standard Portable Sink

The industry’s leading “Sink on Wheels” makes a grand entrance wherever it rolls up! Loaded with extras that will impress even the most discriminating users, the HandStand offers an extra-large wash basin, soap and paper towel dispensers, and hands-free foot pump operation.

handstand2_backFeatures include:

  • Nearly 300 uses on a single fill-up
  • Capacity: 17-gallon fresh water, 19-gallon grey water
  • Moves like a hand truck – use the built-in handle to tilt the HandStand2 back onto its non-marking rubber wheels and roll away
  • Extra large basin allows for full forearm immersion
  • OSHA compliant
  • Lightweight – only 189-pounds when filled with water
  • Drain hose included for hassle-free, quick clean out
  • Easy to store thanks to slim profile
  • Foot pump for hygienic, “hands-free” operation
  • Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers included
  • 500 towel capacity (1 Roll or 500 single-fold towels)

Advantages over other sinks:

  • Roll-and-go sink on wheels is ideal for tight spaces and hard to access areas – even when filled with water!
  • Hands-free foot pump operation, soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser meets everyone’s handwashing needs.
  • Only one person is required to move the HandStand2 – tilt the unit back with its built-in handles and steer it like a hand truck!

Note: Non-heated sinks cannot be upgraded to heated versions.